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Welcome to Southlake Carroll Lacrosse Association (SCLA)!  

We lookforward to seeing you and your player on the lacrosse field. Listed below are some equipment suggestions for the new player and hopefully a little knowledge for the new player parent. Please don't hesitate to reach out to your
for more information. We do suggest you have your player in their equipment for their first practice. (see link at bottom for online starter kit package)

Boys Equipment:

  • Lacrosse Helmet (WHITE) - All players are required to wear a Lacrosse Helmet at all times. Football, baseball or other helmets will not work for Lacrosse. We suggest you purchase a quality helmet with a 4-point chin strap as your player will probably use it for 3 or more seasons. Note: most helmets carry a 3 year certification, not to be confused by a warranty.

    The SCLA has adopted a WHITE helmet standard. No stripes, colors or decals please. We'd like our players to look & act like a team when on the field. This policy is strongly suggested for Youth Players and is a requirement at the High School level.
  • Lacrosse Stick - This required item and comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and costs. Note: For Youth & New Players, we suggest you not purchase a Defensive "Long Pole" until your player is ready and coaches make the suggestion to do so as most younger and new players will use the standard lenght stick for defense.
  • Lacrosse Gloves - All players are required to wear a Lacrosse Gloves at all times. Again, baseball, golf or other sporting gloves will not work. A good pair of Lacrosse Gloves should last your player several seasons or at least until the next growth spurt...
  • Shoulder Pads - All players are required to wear a Lacrosse Shoulder Pads. Football pads will not work. A good pair of Lacrosse Shuolder Pads should last your player several seasons.
  • Arm Pads - This required item protects the forearms and elbows between the gloves and shoulder pads upper arms.
  • Protective Cup - Highly reccomended for all male players.
  • Mouth Guard - Required at all levels for play. We reccomend having several in your bag as they frequently dissapear at game time and your player will not be allowed in the game without one. Most players have several of the $1.50 variety in their bags for as backup.
  • Water Bottle - Lacrossse is a fast-paced sport and hydration is very important! Water bottles are necessary at all levels and should be brought to every practice & game.

Optional Equipment for All

  • Lacrosse Balls - these are not required and will be provided for practices and games however your player will want some in his/her bag for play around the house, 'wall-ball' and pick up games. We suggest you have a couple (white is the standard) as they tend to dissapear into bushes, shrubs and the occasional street gutter.
  • Lacrosse Bag - not required but very nice to have to keep your equipment organized and in one place. Many boy players have the duffel style bag while most girls have a lacrosse backpack to carry their things in. That said, two of my boys prefer the backpack and many of the younger players learn to carry all their gear on their sticks.
  • Chair for Mom & Dad - many of the fields we play on may not have bleachers (North Park does). We suggest you have a folding chair to take to your games.

Each player will wear a practice pinny that they need to bring to ALL practices. All of this equipment is typically available at your nearest Dick’s Sporitng Goods or Academy Sports. The SCLA frequently acquires equipment at discounted prices and makes it available to our players through our “Shopping” Tab on the website.  SCLA Online stores typically goes live a few times during each season and they will be announced to member families. 

Example site for Youth starter equipment package:  

Starter kit youth lax


Thanks again for joining the SCLA and please feel free to contact your or coach with any questions.

Thank you,
The SCLA Board