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Spring 2021


  • SCLA follows the direction and policies of Tarrant County, City of Southlake, CISD, Southlake Parks and Recreation Department and US Lacrosse.

Personal Contact and Health:

  • If, for any reason, a player or coach or volunteer staff is instructed by his or her school or employer to quarantine for any period of time, then the player or coach may not attend lacrosse-related activities for the same period of time.  “If you can’t go to school, you can’t go to lacrosse.”
  • Players and coaches should take measures to prevent all but essential contact necessary to provide a fun and safe environment in practices and games.
  • If a player or coach is ill in any way, they should not come to practice. 
  • All should refrain from unnecessary body contact including but not limited to handshakes, hugging etc.
  • Players are responsible for bringing their own drinks to practices and games and are not allowed to share with other players.  Drinks should be labeled with the person’s name.  Any recyclable containers should be brought home each night and cleaned as appropriate.  Anything left on the field after games or practice is subject to DISPOSAL.
  • Players are encouraged to bring and use their own hand sanitizer.
  • If a player or coach presents or has been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please do not come to practice.  Please also notify your coordinators.
  • If a player is injured during practice, their parent/caregiver will be notified by a coach and must be picked up immediately.  Coaches will maintain a contact list with them so please make sure your contact information in the SCLA system is updated.
  • Everyone should practice good general health habits, including hydration, eating well and getting adequate sleep.  

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

  • All volunteer coaches should wear a face covering when the situation warrants it.
  • Athletes must wear face coverings at all times while not actively participating on the field.
  • Coaches must wear face coverings when social distancing is not possible.
  • Use of hand sanitizer is strongly encouraged.
  • All participants should bring their own water bottle.
  • All participants will be asked to self-assess any symptoms.
  • If a player is at the Athletic Training Table, the player, coaches and any parents will wear face coverings.

Pre-Practice/game preparation:

  • Players should use their own equipment (stick, pads, helmet, mouthguard, drink containers)
  • Players/coaches should wash hands and face prior to and after practice.
  • Players are encouraged to use good hygiene habits with respect to their equipment and are encouraged to clean and disinfect equipment after use.
  • Youth Players are encouraged to come to practice ready to play (shoes on and tied, mouthguard/helmets ready to be put on, or  already on when they come to the field). 
  • When a player sets equipment or bags down before practice or games, players are encouraged to keep their bags, water and gear separate and socially distant in order to maintain social distancing.

 Drop-Off and Pick up: Please be patient and careful with all the coming and goings of cars and players

  • Parents/guardians are not allowed on the field at any time unless directed by a coach
  • Players should maintain a 6ft. distance as they arrive to the field and depart from the field.
  • Players and families should vacate the field/facility as soon as is reasonably possible after the conclusion of their practice/game to minimize unnecessary contact with players, coaches, and spectators ideally within 15 minutes.


  • Spectators should follow the rules of the venue regarding mask use and social distancing (Carroll High School or North Park).
  • Attendance limitations of the host program will be adhered to (50% , in the case of Carroll ISD).
  • Spectators are not allowed on the filed before, during or after the game.
  • Spectators at North Park may bring their own chairs to allow more space between groups.
  • Fans and spectators should leave the facility immediately following the game.
  • No tailgating.

Exposure and Positive Tests

Game exposure:

• If a player, coach, or table personnel tests positive within 48 hours of the competition, the program with the positive case is required to notify the opposing team and the officials from the game. (HIPPA regulations should be followed).

Outside the club exposure:

• Close contact exposure is defined as within 6 feet of an infected individual for 15 minutes or more.

• All players, coaches, table personnel are required to quarantine in the event of close contact with a positive case.